About Prime Landmark Estates

Against a backdrop of purple-blue mountains, sometimes capped with snow, rivers flow through fruitful valleys, past livestock feeding in pastures, vineyards and orchards laden with fruit. These rivers come together in the grand Breede River - a natural life-force which flows eternally from beyond Ceres, past Robertson, Bonnievale and Ashton before heading off to Swellendam and onwards to the sea.

Capturing ages of South African history, the Breede River Valley (in the Western Cape) has, over 150 years, established itself as probably the most prosperous and fruitful valley in Southern Africa. In recent years this beautiful area, incorporating the scenic and historic towns of Robertson, Bonnievale, Ashton, Montagu, Swellendam and McGregor, has recently emerged and become a scene of great interest,rapid growth and development.

The Breede River Valley Wine Route is the one of the longest and most fascinating wine routes in the world. Original brands such as Klipdrift, Graham Beck, Van Loveren, Bon Courage … - and many, many more South African brands all originate here.

Living in the Breede River Valley is bliss… - which is why most locals will simply NEVER leave! Many are born in this area including some famous South Africans… - AND, of course, Andries and Cinette du Toit… - the proud owners of Prime Landmark Estates.

Prime Landmark Estates opened it’s doors in Voortrekker Street in June, 2007 with the intention to provide specialist personal services to it’s clients. With an absolute passion for property and many years of outstanding success, Andries and Cinette, together with their team, is set to take ‘a firm stand’ in property affairs through out the Breede River Valley and surrounding areas.

Already Prime Landmark Estate’s clearly stinguishable logo and For Sale boards are making their mark throughout the region. The close family ethic that holds Prime Landmark Estates together includes many friends and contacts throughout this region. Our agents in out-lying areas are all connected to our home base in Robertson - a very effective operation scentre which is the obvious first stop for prospective property-interested people. “Real Properties… Real People!” means ‘We love our land and we love our people’ - so let’s keep it real! We gladly welcome friends, associates, - and most importantly - our visitors, so please make a point of stopping by anytime.